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The sunniest (and dullest) cities in Europe


As the sun becomes conspicuous by its absence during the winter months, you will likely find your mind wandering to sunnier climes.

And it will probably surprise nobody to learn that there are plenty of sunnier places than Britain – indeed, according to research compiled by the weather website Current Results, our cities are amongst Europe’s dullest.

But where to go for those golden rays? Well, data suggests the smart money's on Malta, which, on average, basks in 2,957 hours of sunshine per year. To put that into perspective, consider this: Manchester gets half of that with just 1,416 hours.


The 10 sunniest cities in Europe:

1. Valletta, Malta - 2,957 (hours sunshine per year)
2. France - 2,858
3. Lisbon, Portugal - 2,799
4. Madrid, Spain - 2,769
5. Athens, Greece - 2,771
6. Nice, France - 2,724
7. Monaco, Monaco - 2,724
8. Tirana, Albania - 2,544
9. Barcelona, Spain - 2,524
10. Podgorica, Montenegro - 2,480

Current Results analysed the weather in 60 cities across Europe and concluded that four of the dullest cities were in the UK: Glasgow, Birmingham, London and Manchester. Indeed, even Reykjavik gets more sun than poor old Glasgow.

Tirana in Albania and Podgorica in Montenegro crept into the list of ten sunniest cities. Given the pound’s slump against the euro, these two Eastern European destinations could be good options for bargain-hunters seeking to reacquaint themselves with vitamin D.

The 10 dullest cities in Europe:

1. Glasgow, Scotland - 1,203 (hours sunshine per year)
2. Reykjavik, Iceland - 1,268
3. Birmingham, England - 1,364
4. London, England - 1,410
5. Manchester, England - 1,416
6. Dublin, Ireland - 1,424
7. Cologne, Germany - 1,504
8. Vaduz, Liechtenstein - 1,517
9. Brussels, Belgium - 1,546
10. Hamburg, Germany - 1,557

Sunshine is, of course, all well and good but its presence doesn’t necessarily mean heat – to find that, travellers will have to go a little further afield. 

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